Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Making of a Great Session.

Well I have had a great Organising day. I worked with a fantastic client who was motivated and committed to getting the job done.

That makes such a difference in the life of a PO (Professional Organiser). I did a 5 hour session decluttering and sorting her Garage, getting ready to put her home on the market.

We managed to knock the job off in 4.5 hours. Then the fun began.

The trip to the tip was great and I had managed to discard 180kg of trash and unwanted stuff to the refuse station. As well as this I had items to drop off at the recycle section and also clothing bins.

This was a great day for my client and we managed to make a big difference in her preparation for the open homes and marketing of her property.

As usual, I was ready for a hot shower and a cuppa, but the kids had other ideas. Being school holidays we trundled off to fill the gas bottles, have a late lunch and check out Borders. I was feeling very grotty and "post clutter" but the kids enjoyed the time after spending the morning with the sitter.

Finally at 5.30pm the shower called and the cuppa was replace by a glass of wine. Pizza has been ordered and the life of this organiser is sweet.

Have a fab one

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